Ruud van den Belt


  • Service Areas: The Netherlands
  • Specialties: Selling, Buying

About Ruud van den Belt

Before Ruud joined BANK Realty he always operated as a client driven senior service and accounting manager. Being selfemployed in real estate project development and hospitality services after he feels and listens carefully to advice and follows your needs and wishes.

Negotiating, refuting objections, manage expectations and interpreting non-verbal signals are as a second nature to him. He uses these qualities with heart and soul to obtain the best for his clients. He empathises customer’s position and prioritises the question “How would I like to be treated myself”. He strives to exceed the expectations associated with the answer to that question to assure Top quality.

His most important character trait is reliability. Combined with a sense of humor and intellectual acuity. Ruud is interested in news/current affairs in the broadest sense of the word and his passion is music.

Language: Dutch, Englisch

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